HEALTH Synonyms: 74 Similar and Opposite Words

WebSynonyms for HEALTH: fitness, wellness, healthiness, strength, soundness, wholesomeness, agility, vigor; Antonyms of HEALTH: illness, sickness, unsoundness, …

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Health care Definition & Meaning

Webhealth care: [noun] efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals.

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HEALTHY Synonyms: 239 Similar and Opposite Words

WebSynonyms for HEALTHY: well, robust, strong, whole, sturdy, wholesome, hale, fit; Antonyms of HEALTHY: unhealthy, sick, diseased, ill, unfit, weak, unsound, feeble

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Healthy Definition & Meaning

Webhealthy: [adjective] free from disease or pain : enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit : well.

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Wellness Definition & Meaning

Webwellness: [noun] the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.

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Medicine Definition & Meaning

Webmedicine: [noun] a substance or preparation used in treating disease. something that affects well-being.

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WELLNESS Synonyms: 52 Similar and Opposite Words

WebSynonyms for WELLNESS: health, fitness, healthiness, strength, wholeness, wholesomeness, soundness, agility; Antonyms of WELLNESS: illness, sickness, …

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'Pandemic' vs. 'Epidemic' vs. 'Endemic'

WebOn March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization officially changed its designation of COVID-19, the illness caused by a novel coronavirus, from an epidemic to a pandemic, …

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Nurse Definition & Meaning

Webnurse: [noun] a woman who suckles an infant not her own : wet nurse. a woman who takes care of a young child : dry nurse.

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Prophylaxis Definition & Meaning

Webprophylaxis: [noun] measures designed to preserve health (as of an individual or of society) and prevent the spread of disease.

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Epidemiology Definition & Meaning

Webepidemiology: [noun] a branch of medical science that deals with the incidence, distribution, and control of disease in a population.

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Nutrition Definition & Meaning

WebThe meaning of NUTRITION is the act or process of nourishing or being nourished; specifically : the sum of the processes by which an animal or plant takes in and utilizes …

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Physician Definition & Meaning

WebThe meaning of PHYSICIAN is a person trained in the art of healing; specifically : a health-care professional (such as a dermatologist, internist, pediatrician, or urologist) who has …

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Regimen Definition & Meaning

Webregimen: [noun] a systematic plan (as of diet, therapy, or medication) especially when designed to improve and maintain the health of a patient. a regular course of action and …

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Well-being Definition & Meaning

Webwell-being: [noun] the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous : welfare.

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WELL-BEING Synonyms: 37 Similar and Opposite Words

WebSynonyms for WELL-BEING: welfare, interest, health, happiness, sake, success, good, weal; Antonyms of WELL-BEING: ill-being, suffering, unsoundness, unhappiness

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Preventive or Preventative: Is There a Difference

WebThe shorter word, preventive, has meanings such as "something that prevents," when used as a noun, and "devoted to or concerned with prevention," when used as an …

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Remedy Definition & Meaning

Webremedy: [noun] a medicine, application, or treatment that relieves or cures a disease.

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Malaise Definition & Meaning

Webmalaise: [noun] an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of or accompanying the onset of an illness.

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Gesundheit Definition & Meaning

WebThe meaning of GESUNDHEIT is —used to wish good health especially to one who has just sneezed. Did you know?

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Word of the Day: Tincture Merriam-Webster

WebWhat It Means. Tincture refers to a solution made by mixing a medicinal substance in an alcoholic solvent. It can also refer to a slight trace of something, as in “a …

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CONDITION Synonyms: 213 Similar and Opposite Words

WebSynonyms for CONDITION: health, shape, repair, form, order, estate, keeping, situation; Antonyms of CONDITION: disorder, disrepair, health, wellness, soundness

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