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WebFind services offered by Sutter Health's Northern California network of hospitals and doctors.

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Sutter Health Medicare

WebAbout Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage’s all-in-one plans help simplify the complexity around Medicare, and may offer more comprehensive and cost-effective …

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Back and Spine Services Sutter Health

WebIn the Sutter Health network, experts offer comprehensive care for a wide range of back and spine problems, from degenerative discs and scoliosis to osteoporosis and spinal …

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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sutter Health

WebComprehensive Care. Whether you need help recovering from a car accident or a stroke, physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists across the Sutter Health network can …

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Lab and Pathology Sutter Health

WebLab and Pathology Services. Sutter Health offers a full range of diagnostic tests to confirm good health, screen for early detection of illness and monitor existing conditions. Laboratories at our care centers handle thousands of cases annually. Our well trained professional staff uses the most current equipment and evaluative methods.

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Special Enrollment Period Sutter Health

WebSpecial Enrollment Periods. You may qualify to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan or make changes to your existing Medicare Advantage or prescription drug coverage during …

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Heart and Vascular Services Sutter Health

WebAward-Winning Care. The Sutter Heart and Vascular Institute is a pioneer in heart care in the Sacramento region, providing expert diagnosis and treatment for heart attacks, …

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Holistic and Integrative Medicine Sutter Health

WebOur holistic and integrative medicine practitioners provide just that. Sutter’s Institute for Health & Healing, founded in 1994 and the first integrative medicine clinic certified by the …

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Walk-In Blood Pressure Tests Sutter Health

WebWays to Improve Your Heart's Health. Here are some simple things you can do that may help lower your blood pressure naturally: Eat more fruits and vegetables, and a small …

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Allergy Treatments and Procedures Sutter Health

WebDiagnostic measures include skin testing and breathing tests. Traditional treatments include medications like antihistamines, which temporarily block the chemical (histamine) released by your body during an allergic reaction, or corticosteroids, which suppress the inflammation caused by a reaction. Once you choose an approach to treatment, your

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Mills-Peninsula Patient Rights and Responsibilities Sutter Health

WebThe health facility is not permitted to restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual …

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Bariatric Surgery FAQs Sutter Health

WebWhat are the benefits of bariatric surgery? The benefits–emotional and physical – of achieving normal and healthy weight are significant: Increased energy levels, endurance …

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Parkinson's, Tremor, and Movement Disorder Care Sutter Health

WebThe Sutter Health network of medical experts provides advanced diagnostic services, treatment options and pain management for Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, …

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Clinical Trials and Research Sutter Health

WebClinical trials offer you a chance to contribute to the future of cancer medicine—and potentially benefit your own health. Clinical trials, often called clinical or research …

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Well-Child Care Sutter Health

WebAdolescent Behavioral Health Programs — We work with you to evaluate your child’s behavioral health issues and develop an age-appropriate treatment plan. This may …

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Urology Sutter Health

WebSome Sutter Health hospitals also offer gender affirmation surgery for those 18 and older who want to complete their gender transition. Urology specialists provide comprehensive and compassionate care that starts with advanced diagnostic tests to identify the source of your disorder and culminates in an effective treatment plan to help you

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Interventional Radiology Sutter Health

WebExperts in Minimally Invasive Treatments. Interventional radiologists across the Sutter Health network are highly skilled at the use of catheters and image guidance to diagnose and treat everything from cancer to varicose veins. Many procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, minimizing pain and recovery time so you can return to

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Memorial Hospital Los Banos Sutter Health

WebMemorial Hospital Los Banos. 520 West I Street, Los Banos, CA 93635 | (209) 826-0591.

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Kidney Disease Education and Support Sutter Health

WebIf you’ve experienced recurrent kidney stones or are at risk for kidney disease from high blood pressure or diabetes, get expert advice from Sutter Health network care providers.Physicians, registered dietitians, nurses and clinical social workers, many of whom specialize in diabetes and heart health, can provide a wealth of scientifically founded …

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