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Details: Download our free app on your phone for easy access to health information and tools. UCI Health | 101 The City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868 | 714-456-7890 .

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Details: National association names UCI Health cancer care specialist as 2014 Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse of the Year. Deborah Boyle is a leader in Read More. UCI Health promotes sun safety and self-screening during melanoma awareness month. May 05, 2014 May is Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and UCI Health encourage

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Flavorful foods to fortify memory and brain health UCI Health

Details: It turns out that heart-healthy diets also offer significant benefits for brain health. For example, a Mediterranean-style diet — heavy in fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts — added 1.5 to 3.5 years of protection against the development of biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease in middle-aged adults, according to a 2018 study .

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Monkeypox: Should I be worried

Details: Although the risk of monkeypox to the general public is low, health officials continue to warn the public to take precautions against the spread of the rare virus found mainly in tropical parts of Africa. “So far, there have been no reports of monkeypox infections in Orange County,” says Shruti K. Gohil, MD, MPH, associate director of epidemiology and infection prevention at UCI Health.

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5 surprising health risks of poor sleeping

Details: Heart Health; Men's Health; Parenting; Women's Health; Recipes; Connect With Us. Classes & Events. UCI Health offers dozens of classes, seminars and support groups to help you live well. Take a class, join a group or attend a lecture, and allow us to be your partner in well-being. See all classes and events › Browse by Topic. health tips

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Details: UCI Health blood cancer specialist Dr. Lauren Pinter-Brown will be a key speaker at the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s annual patient Read More. Thousands participate in inaugural Anti-Cancer Challenge to raise funds for cancer research. June 14, 2017 More than 2,000 riders, walkers and runners participated in the inaugural UCI Chao

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Details: Yes, but it's highly unlikely, UCI Health dermatologist Dr. Janellen Read More. Maternal-fetal experts smooth the way for the most challenging pregnancies. October 04, 2017 Jamila Jackson thought she would never have children. Because of her medical history, Jackson’s obstetrician-gynecologist realized she would

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Details: Rectal cancer survivor rides wave of good health. April 16, 2014 Surfer Charles Scalice was diagnosed with rectal cancer in February 2012. With the help of UCI Health colorectal surgeon Dr. Joseph C. Carmichael Read More. Diagnosing heart disease. April 11, 2014 Lois Wareham's severe heart condition may have gone unnoticed after standard

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Details: UCI Health anesthesiologist Shalini Shah, MD, has received an American Society of Regional Anesthesia’s Chronic Pain Research Grant to study Read More. Colon and rectal cancers rising in young people. February 28, 2017 IN THE NEWS: A New York Times report about the rising incidence of colorectal cancer among young adults featured UCI

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Details: Bob Griffith came to the UCI Health Melanoma Center with late-stage skin cancer. After years of grueling treatment, the melanoma survivor is Read More. Proper use of sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer. May 23, 2014 UCI Health expert offer tips about the most effective way to use sunscreen to reduce your chances of getting skin cancer.

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Details: To combat resistance, follow these tips from UCI Health physician Read More. Regaining his voice as a volunteer. June 20, 2014 Robert Nguyen's voice was reduced to a whisper because of nerve damage, but after treatment by a UCI Health voice specialist, he has his voice Read More. Do you need the shingles vaccine? June 19, 2014

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