The 15 Healthiest Cereals to Buy, According to a Dietitian

WEBThe healthiest cereals have a mix of protein and fiber to keep you full. A dietitian shares the best cereal brands to buy and what to look for on the box.

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The Best Foods to Eat for Promoting Healthy Cells

WEBYour cells depend on adequate intakes of several nutrients to stay healthy. These nutrients come from a variety of foods in each food group. and the best way to be sure you are …

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The 9 Healthiest Water Flavorings, According to Dietitians

WEBTry these dietitian-approved healthiest water flavor packets from True Lemon, Vital Proteins, Stur, Nuun, Ultima, Hint and more to help you drink more water.

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The 9 Best and Worst Breads, According to Dietitians

WEBRegistered dietitians explain which is the healthiest bread to eat as well as which loaves you're better off skipping. Plus, shop our best bread brands.

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The 8 Best Health Apps of 2024

WEBCheck out the best health apps of the year, including our top picks for mental health, meditation, exercise tracking, nutrition, weight loss and sleep.

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Which Dried Fruit Is Healthiest

WEBSpecifically, dates, figs and prunes all contain better-quality antioxidants than their fresh counterparts, making them smart choices if it's a priority for you to include more …

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Hemp Hearts Nutrition: Benefits, Risks, Recipes and More

WEBLearn all about hemp hearts nutrition and benefits. Incorporating seeds like hemp hearts into your diet can improve your bone and heart health and much more.

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10 Healthiest Cheese Types and Brands livestrong

WEBIf you keep your serving sizes in check and choose a healthy cheese, your body may benefit. Here are the healthiest cheese picks to add to your grocery list.

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What Are the Benefits of Drinking Smoothies Every Day

WEBIs drinking a smoothie every day healthy? Adding the right ingredients can contribute to clearer skin, better gut health, a stronger immune system and more.

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The 10 Best Probiotic Yogurts, According to a Dietitian

WEBDietitians dish on the best probiotic yogurt brands, including Greek yogurt (like Chobani) and vegan yogurts (like Cocojune), to help support your gut health.

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13 Impressive Benefits of Pilates, Backed By Science livestrong

WEBDiscover the impressive list of Pilates benefits, backed by science and Pilates experts, including better mental health and improved back pain.

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The Benefits of Ginger Chews

WEBGinger chews are made from pieces of real ginger root, which means they contain its natural active ingredients. While it has multiple benefits, ginger is best known …

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Alkaline Water Benefits: What's True and What's Not

WEBExplore the potential health effects of alkaline water and how it works in your body. Learn about alkaline water's benefits, risks, types, brands and more.

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6 Evidence-Based Decaf Green Tea Benefits livestrong

WEBIs decaf green tea good for you? The short answer is yes — here are the benefits of the beverage, including weight loss and other antioxidant effects.

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What Is Chicory Root: Benefits, Risks, Uses and Products

WEBWhat is chicory root and why is it in your snack bar? Find out all about this important fiber, chicory root benefits and how to add more of it to your diet.

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The Cardiovascular Benefits and Harms of Ginger

WEBGinger benefits and side effects exist for your cardiovascular system. It can lower your triglycerides and cholesterol, but it might cause a drug interaction.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Eating an Apple a Day livestrong

WEBYou know the age-old health aphorism: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Although no one food can keep disease at bay, apples are nutritious fruits that may help your …

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5 Side Effects of Blueberries and What Happens if You Eat Too Many

WEBLearn about the side effects of blueberries, including how they affect digestion, what happens when you eat too many and what a healthy serving size looks like.

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What Effects Do High Altitudes Have on the Body

WEBSide effects of high altitude can feel like a hangover. You may be tired, breathless and have a headache. It may take a few days for your body to adjust.

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